Amit Chatterjee Musician of The World AMIT CHATTERJEE is an internationally renowned music-artist. 
He is recognized throughout the world as a unique musician and composer, making soulful music that stirs the spirit. He is equally, and highly, accomplished in both Western musics and Indian Classical Music. Amit Chatterjee has also recorded and performed extensively as a guest artist with master musicians from multiple genres, such as David Liebman, Eric Johnson, David Jackson (Van Der Graaf), Badal Roy (Miles Davis, Ornette Coleman), Michael Wolff, Mike Clark, Carlos Santana, Sting, Trilok Gurtu, Nitin Sawhney, Vicki Richards, Robert Thomas Jr., Michael Wolff, Mike Clark and many others. Amit Chatterjee was featured as a guest soloist for the Netherlands Metropole Orchestra's programme of Joe Zawinul Tribute, conducted by the eminent Vince Mendoza - featuring the great musicians Victor Bailey, Peter Erskine, Alex Acuna and Jim Beard (all mainstays in the world of jazz and jazz fusion). Amit Chatterjee's selected discography illustrates the broad range of internationally acclaimed recording work which he has done. GUITARIST, VOCALIST, COMPOSER As a guitarist and composer, Amit Chatterjee presents his music in the forms of jazz, jazz-fusion, blues, rock, funk and other more eclectic idioms. He has performed with some of the greatest luminaries in the field of jazz, pop and rock, the most notable being the legendary master keyboardist Joe Zawinul (the founder of Weather Report, and one of the most respected jazz-fusion composers and performers), for whom Amit played guitar for 11 years. He performed as a permanent member of the pioneering band Joe Zawinul Syndicate as well as being involved with the master on special projects, such as Zawinul's symphonic work, "Stories of the Danube." Videos of performances with Joe Zawinul can be seen here. With Zawinul and other great artists, Amit was featured on 3 (American) Grammy-nominated albums. His work as a bandleader for his seminal jazz-world-fusion band Amit Chatterjee Alliance has gained critical acclaim. And his most recent release with this ensemble of stellar musicians - "MY DEAREST ONE" - exemplifies the "totality" of Amit Chatterjee's range of music, all of which is performed for the heart and from the heart. More information on that recording and the band can be found here. Besides the masterful and heartfelt journeys on the guitar, Amit Chatterjee is also known as a singer. Much of his reputation as a vocalist falls in the area of "ecstatic world music" - as shown on the sublime recording "OCEAN ON FIRE" (a unique CD presenting the mystic poetry of Saint Kabir of India (15th cent.) set to eclectic musical environments, using orchestral instruments and non-Indian percussion). His more "western" vocalizing can be found on the anthemic album "WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE." This unparalleled recording features mystical lyrics inspired by Kabir and Rumi, but they are original works in English. The music on this recording is eclectic rock, drawing from several musics of the world, jazz, rock and blues. All of these recordings, and all of Amit Chatterjee's music are an homage to the journey of the Soul to Original Light, It's True Home. And the music confirms again and again that Love is the answer. Amit Chatterjee plays Marchione Guitars through DV Mark Multiamp amplification SITARIST Uniquely, Amit Chatterjee is as respected as a sitarist playing Indian Classical Music as he is a guitarist. This is even more interesting because he DOES NOT combine sitar with any western music or any non-Indian Classical music at all. Amit Chatterjee's sitar playing is purely Hindusthani Classical Music, and respecting the full tradition of the art. His style is from the "gayaki ang" (vocal style), although not from the "popular gayaki ang" as is prevalent today. Amit Chatterjee follows the gayaki ang that includes the entire method of the great vocalists, the musical elements, as well as forms that the master singers developed. In his sitar playing, one can hear the profound, introspective elements of the singers, their elegance of pace and timing, and, when the time is right, their jubilant and spontaneous flights in high-speed and virtuosic forays. The gayaki ang that Amit Chatterjee follows is not an "imitation" of vocal techniques on an instrument. It is about actually "singing" through the instrument, and adhering to the structures that are most appropriate for the great singers. This allows for deep and heart-rendering expressions of the highly sophisticated art of Indian Classical Music to reach the listener deep within, and goes beyond the "entertaining" versions of Indian Classical Music that is usually presented.

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